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These beaded snowman earrings are very easy to make
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Bead Snowman Earrings

You can almost hear Christmas around the corner with these darling little beaded snowman earrings.  And you have so many options- you can use crystal, white plastic or pearl beads for the body and use either two or three beads for the body.  Experiment until you find your favorite Frosty creation.

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Craft Supplies Needed
  • Two large white plastic beads, approx 10mm (You can use two extra for a three snowball snowman, and you can use pearls or crystals)
  • Two smaller white plastic beads for a head, approx 8mm(should be similar in size as the body bead- you can use the same size beads if you like)
  • Two earring headpins
  • Two shepherds hook ear wires.
  • Two spacer beads for a collar
  • Two large black beads for a hat (or two black sequins)
  • Two smaller black beads for the top of the hat
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
Crafting Steps
  1. Place the larger of the white beads on the headpin, then place the spacer bead for the collar.  Place the smaller white bead for the head of the snowman, then finally the larger black bead and then finally the smaller black bead
  2. Use the needle nose pliers to form a loop just above the top of the hat, cut the excess wire on the headpin and attach this loop onto the ear wire.
  3. repeat this process for the second earring, making sure that it is the same length as the first before attaching to the ear wire.
  4. Enjoy !

Optional.- There is so many unique ways to make these charming earrings.  You can use a spacer bead and a stem bead for the hat, or you can use a black sequin with a black bead for the hat.  You can also use an extra bead for the body of the snowman for the traditional 3 snowball look, which will make your earrings a slight bit longer.  And to add some added flair to your project, try using Swarovski crystals or even pearls.  And feel free to have all the beads the same size.  And if you want to add a little smile to your snowman, use some acrylic paint and put four or five black dots for a smile, two black dots for a mouth and add a little orange dot for a nose.



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