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Easy Christmas crafts for craft lovers
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Easy Crafts

From simple button wreath crafts for kids to ornate beaded Christmas wreaths, to unique homemade crafted creations, we have many wonderful projects from which to choose. 

Browse through our crafts and please share your ideas for decorative projects and unique Christmas crafts with us.  Enjoy !




Curly Wire Beaded Wreath Ornament

This wire and bead creation glimmers on Christmas trees and presents, yet despite its appeal, is very easy to make

Button Wreath Ornament

This is a great button ornament craft for kids.  With buttons available at most craft supply shops, you or your children can make these cute Christmas wreaths to hang on the tree or give as a present to parents or grandparents

Bead Wreath Ornament

This simple wreath looks elegant with a mixture of sunburst, pearl and gold beads.  This is also an easy craft for kids to learn

Tri bead Wreath Ornament

A tri bead wreath is perhaps the easiest wreath you can make.  This project is great for children and is a favorite of teachers, Sunday school teachers and parents alike

Popsicle Stick Reindeer

A very simple craft that children will enjoy, even if they aren't able to eat the popsicles



Do you love creating Christmas crafts and would like to share them?

Send them to us and join our Top Crafters.  The best Christmas craft ideas will be showcased in our Craft Hall of fame

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