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A wreath ornament that is a very easy to make.
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Bead Wreath Ornament Craft

This is one of the easiest bead crafts that you can make.  This small wreath ornament is made with a combination of beads and sunburst or paddlewheel beads.  Feel free to use whatever beads and colors that you like, noting that the more you vary the color and texture of the beads, the better.

If you have any other delightful bead or wreath creations that you would like to share, please let us know.



Craft Supplies Needed
  • 10- 12mm sunburst beads (also called paddlewheel or wagon wheel beads
  • 5- 8mm gold beads
  • 5- 8mm pearl beads
  • 6" length of gold cording for a bow (or gold ribbon)
  • 7" of gold cord to hang the ornament
  • 7" white chenille stem to form the wreath (or wire or ribbon)
  • Glue gun (or wire to put on the bow)
  • Wire cutters
Crafting Steps
  1. Take the chenille stem and begin to thread the beads on the stem, making sure to alternate gold bead, sunburst bead, pearl bead, sunburst bead, gold bead, sunburst bead, etc.  (Length of stem can vary depending on the desired size of wreath) 
  2. Twist together the ends of the chenille stem and cut off the excess.
  3. Place the gold cord around the area where you just tied the chenille stem together to form a hanger for your wreath.
  4. Form a small bow out of the gold cording (or gold ribbon)
  5. using a hot glue gun, affix the bow to the wreath, and allow it to dry.
  6. Enjoy !


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