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This wonderful bead and wire snowflake is surprisingly easy to create
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Bead Snowflake Ornament Craft

This craft is simple and cute as a button.  This project is very easy and is perfect Christmas craft for kids.  The wreath is so charming that you don't have to be a child to be proud of this one. 

Whether you hang it on your tree or hang it on your presents, this button craft is a delightful decoration.



Craft Supplies Needed
  • 64- #6 blue seed beads. (or any colors you like)
  • 48- 2mm x 12mm clear hexagon cut twisted bugle beads (or similar)
  • 40" of 28 gauge wire
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • 7" long silver cording for a hanger.
Crafting Steps
  1. This ornament is simply made of a circle of wire in the middle and eight sections that are connected at the center circle and by a blue bead at eight locations around the snowflake.  Let's start by making the center loop.  Take an approximately 6" length of wire,  put 8 blue beads in the center of the wire and form a circle with the beads, by twisting the two ends of the wire together with the pliers.  The wire that is left hanging will be used to form one of the eight sections of the snowflake. 
  2. Put two of the tube beads on each wire, then a blue bead on each wire, then another tube bead, and another two blue beads.
  3. Now thread both wires simultaneously through two blue beads, and bend the wire (do not cut off or curl the ends yet until all eight sections are made)
  4. Now take a length of 6" wire and twist it with the pliers in between the next center blue bead.
  5. The next section will be made exactly like the first, except after the two tubes are placed on the wires, make sure the wire adjacent to the last section is run through the blue bead. (this is how the sections are connected together.
  6. After all eight sections are made, press the snowflake out so that it is flat and formed like the picture above.  You can then curl the ends of the wire that were threaded through the last two blue beads, and cut off the excess wire.
  7. Form a loop by tying the cording through one of the pair of wire loops for a hanger.
  8. Enjoy !


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